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Living Sober Rehab is one of the best treatment facilities for addiction recovery. Treatment at Living Sober Rehabilitation Center is trusted, confidential and effective. It’s friendly approach along with effective treatment protocols, makes it a unique treatment model for addiction recovery.

Our treatment program is a combination of AA’s 12 steps, CBT and REBT: complemented with Yoga, meditation along with psychiatric and medical inputs. Our intensive programs comprise of Outpatient and Inpatient which includes detox, withdrawal management to relapse prevention plan and follow-ups.

Living Sober Rehab provides a constructive care and support to the family members. As families play a major role in helping an addict in the treatment; our family counseling sessions empowers the members of the family with needed guidance in dealing with an addict while in treatment and thereafter.

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  • Rehabilitation in “LIVING SOBER” has been a wonderful trip into sobriety and living clean, free of drugs and old patterns of behaviors that kept me trapped in misery and pain. I have experienced a tremendous metamorphosis from a self-destructive, sorry state of being to a healthy mindful state of living. I was erratic and disturbed in my thoughts and therefore my behaviors and actions reflected the same through broken relationships, lost opportunities and great self-pity.

    Through the program at Living Sober Rehab, I have learnt to savour every experience and live in the moment and take life as it comes to me. I used to be afraid of what the past has been about and I used to be anxious about the future. I no longer feel this way forever and now am able to live just for today, I the moment, free of fears and eager to experience all that life has to offer.

    Mr. Eddy

  • Forced abstinence is what all I thought about this “Living Sober Rehab”. But one month into this program I started feeling this is the chance I needed in my life to tackle the cunning disease of addiction. The counselling sessions combined with a one on one approach churned out the best in me. Working my autobiography and steps of Narcotics Anonymous I am now confident to cope with the situations around me instead of using drugs. A special thanks to my counsellors, who made me the human I am today.

    Dr. Ram

  • I was hallucinating, disorientated, self talking and was in a miserable state, when I joined “Living Sober Rehab”; I was literally in a very bad state of mind, when my family joined me the rehab. I am a poly-substance addict. Initially, I had a very difficult time to adjust, but later on, as I was following the daily routines and attended various counselling session, I realized how I was obsessed for my chemicals and damaged my life, I was heading towards a destructive path. Counselling sessions here are so motivating.

    I would like to sincerely express my appreciation and gratitude for the excellent care I received from the therapy team at Living Sober Rehab. It is a professional facility and what I especially like was the family like atmosphere. The Input sessions, group and individual counselling’s are so effective, which would help me to work on my recovery lifelong.

    Mr. Dawson

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Living Sober Rehab provides friendly, effective, confidential and motivational treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, with good recovery rate.

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Living Sober rehab provides friendly, effective, confidential and motivational treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, with good recovery rate.